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DAC cover copyDaily Appointment Calendar for Writers

This unique, perpetual calendar was created especially for writers to help them keep their commitment to a daily writing practice.

It’s widely recognized that when we write the time of an appointment in our calendar, we’re more likely to keep that date. The Daily Appointment Calendar for Writers provides a space each day for writers to note the time they’ve set aside for their work and offers an evocative prompt to start the pen moving or the fingers flying. The result: more writing gets done and more writers feel good about honoring their commitment to their writing.

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Workshops, Classes and Events

Writer's Workshop
This newly formed, ongoing read and critique group is for writers of fiction (long and short), memoir and creative nonfiction who have experience in workshop settings. We meet weekly in a friendly, supportive environment for the careful reading and critique of 5-8 pages of your manuscript. This workshop requires a commitment to your work and to the support of other writers in the group. Weekly attendance is required as is bi-weekly submission of pages for critique. Group is limited to 8 participants. Submission required for participation.
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Thursday Writers Anthology
A chapbook of short writings by members of Thursday Writers. The collection includes flash fiction, flash memoir, poetry and bits of pieces of stories, essays and novels, remembrances and rambles and reflects the spontaneous writing of this writing practice group.
Price: $5.00
Create Your New Year
A goal-shaping, intention-setting, vision-seeking, commitment-making, dream-building, New Year's workshop for writers and other creative geniuses. We'll free-write and vision-board what we most want in the coming year.
Price: $35.00
Finish What You Started
You have dozens of them. Maybe more. Story starts, character sketches, the rough drafts of essays or poems, the beginnings of you-don't-know-what but you kind of like it, scenes that could morph into stories if you'd only give them a chance. Or you've got scores of files on your computer in folders called "to complete" or "first drafts" or "unfinished." If you're like me, every once in awhile you'll open to one of these unfinished pieces in your notebook or on your computer, reread it, and say to yourself, "I really do want to finish that sometime." That "sometime" is Saturday, January 19 when writers of all stripes are invited to bring your unfinished, your half-done, your false starts, your messy drafts and spend the day writing, maybe even finishing something. Or more than one thing. You'll have a chance to talk to other writers and get feedback on something you're uncertain about.
Price: $25.00
Everyday Writing with Midge Raymond
Everyday Writing with Midge Raymond
Busy writers often struggle to fit writing into their regularly scheduled lives. In this workshop, you’ll learn invaluable tips for how to fit various aspects of your writing into every day—from how to hone your powers of observation to how to keep your projects moving forward even when you’re short on time. In addition to addressing and working on overcoming your biggest obstacles, we’ll do a sampling of writing prompts that will teach you how to think like a writer—so you can become an everyday writer even if you’re not able to sit down to write every day.
Price: $40.00
Writing the Taboo
What is taboo is often forbidden. What is taboo can also be intriguing, mysterious, provocative, or dangerous. What is taboo often isn't written about and that sometimes makes for the best writing. In this season of Valentine's hearts and flowers, perfume and chocolates, join us for a Saturday Series writing session in which we'll explore the taboo.
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Annual Summer Writing Marathon
Our Annual Summer Writing Marathon for writers of all levels and experience. We'll work from prompts and props and writing exercises in free-writing free-for-all.
Price: $75.00
Full Moon Writing Workshop & Retreat
The full moon is the time of mystery and creativity, of dream work and prophecy. Beneath August's Harvest Moon, which is also called Moon When Cherries Turn Black and Barley Moon, we?ll take to our notebooks and write in outlaw voices. We?ll recite myths and tell stories and when the time is right and the moon is high above us, we?ll raise our voices in a righteous howl. Bring a friend and join our warm and friendly group of moonstruck writers.
Price: $25.00

The Muse’s Bookshelf

Books and Kits by Judy Reeves are sold by booksellers at websites outside of the Writer’s Store web page.

A Writer's Book of Days, revised edition A purveyor of writing prompts that urge even the most reluctant writer to put pen to page, Judy’s now newly revised and released first book, A Writer’s Book of Days, offers a collection of topics from over five years of writing practice sessions.

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Writing Alone, Writing TogetherHer experience as a teacher and leader of writing groups and a passionate belief in the benefits of writing in community led to her second book, Writing Alone, Writing Together.

Buy the Book Now at: New World LibraryBarnes & NobleIndieBoundAmazon

A Creative Writer's KitA Creative Writer’s Kit, Based on A Writer’s Book of Days, this sumptuous and sophisticated kit contains a 144-page book and a 25-card deck.

The Prompts & Practices guidebook offers 365 evocative writing topics with ample writing space.

The handy deck of over-sized cards provides a myriad of ingenious suggestions to keep the creative juices flowing. A great gift for a writer you know. Maybe even yourself. ………Buy the Book Kit at: Amazon

The Writer's Retreat KitThe Writer’s Retreat Kit, is for creative explorers who don’t have the time or resources to withdraw to a Waldenesque cabin in the woods. The book covers retreat practices, setting your intention, creating a safe and nurturing place, and even ways to peacefully reenter your day job.

Artfully designed to provide accessible sanctuaries for maximizing creativity, this fun and functional kit contains a 176-page guidebook and 25 cards. The interactive deck includes easy reference tools and enticing prompts for each theme in the book. Buy the Book Now at: New World LibraryBarnes & NobleIndieBoundAmazon