Thursday Writers Year 5 Anthology

Cover art Thursday Writers Anthology

Cover: Linoleum print by Judy Geraci

Thursday Writers celebrated our fifth anniversary of meeting at Lestat’s West last February. To mark the milestone, we invited members of Thursday Writers, past, present and far-flung, to contribute to an anthology of work created during these last five years. This wide-ranging collection includes flash fiction; flash memoir; poetry; bits of stories, essays, and novels; remembrances and rambles, and reflects the spontaneous writing of twenty-five of our members.

We’re proud to present the first Thursday Writers Anthology in celebration of our 5th year at Lestat’s West.

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Thursday Writers Reading From the Anthology
Lestat’s West, San Diego, California
22 September 2011

B(e) Selah, She Was Always Under Construction, p. 31
Scott Barbour, After the War, p. 11
Judy Geraci, A History of Whispers (after Paul Simon), p. 44
Sybil Hunt, Tell No Lies, p. 62
Joe Hartley, She Was Always Under Construction, p. 32
Bill Peters, You Found It in the Trash, p. 20
Kristin Herrington, Cross Wind, p. 16
Steve Selwyn, A Broken Street Light, p. 56
Wendy Moldow, She Walked Like a Man, p. 6
Peggy Watson, It Was a Name She Detested, p. 26
Ellen Yaffa, The Murmuring Within, p. 23
Gio Jones, A Thousand Possibilities, p. 28
Nicole Vollrath, Lies Will Follow, p. 19
Antigone Brickman, A Broken Street Light, p. 54
Sundari Masters, A History of Whispers (after Paul Simon), p. 45
Judy Reeves, While You Were Away, p. 60
David Stebbins, Starlight, p. 68
Grant Eagar, What Waits at the Top of the Stairs, p. 52
Steve Montgomery, This Time, She Kept Her Promise, p. 71

Thursday Writers Anthology Reading – Complete (unedited, raw audio)

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