Wild Women, Wild Voices
Writing from Your Authentic Wildness

Celebrating Two Years!
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Wild Women, Wild Voices: Writing from Your Authentic WildnessAbout the Book:

When we hear the words wild and woman something deep in us responds — a stirring, an excitement we may not be able to name, a feeling that yearns for expression, a longing to reclaim our true nature. Residing just below the surface of our daily lives is the authentic voice that can speak to this longing. It is this understanding that informs the author’s popular Wild Women writing workshops and now this workshop in a book.

Both intuitive and practical, Wild Women, Wild Voices addresses women’s heartfelt need for expression with inspiring activities, creative exercises, and evocative writing prompts. A book for writers of every level, this book invites, instructs, and celebrates the wildish nature, the authentic expression, and the righteous howl of
every woman.

Chapters Include:

  • Claiming Wild Woman
  • Wild Child, Wild Girl: Initiation and Forgetting
  • Body Writing: The Voice of the Senses
  • Family: Fact and Fiction, Myth and Mystery
  • Writing Place: The Geography of Our Lives
  • Loves and Lover: Journey into the Heart
  • Friends and Companions: Finding Your Tribe
  • Artist/Creator: Authentic Expressions of Wild Woman
  • Life Journeys: Adventures, Explorations Quests, and Pilgrimage
  • Where the Wild Things Are: Illuminating the Shadow
  • Dreams and Synchronicity: The Intuitive Wisdom of Wild Women
  • Death, Loss, and Legacies: Wise Woman

Wild Women, Wild Voices is an invitation to reclaim our authentic nature, respond to our creative urges, and give voice to our stories.

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Praise for Wild Women, Wild Voices:

“In her fourth book, Wild Women, Wild Voices, master teacher Judy Reeves’s fortifying, fascinating, liberating exercises reach down to the place where the deep howl resides. Writers and nonwriters alike will find energy and passion as they reawaken the wild self.”
– Janet Fitch, Author of White Oleander and Paint It Black

“Judy Reeves unites the discipline of writing with the unruly and uncontainable impulses that make us want to write in the first place. This book will help both novice and experienced writers stare down their fears and inhibitions, embrace their ‘wild’ voice and write with exhilarating authenticity.”
– Laurel Corona, Author of The Four Seasons and The Mapmaker’s Daughter

“Wild women, we’ve been waiting for this book. Now, at last, Judy Reeves validates all our longings and guides us toward their fulfillment. While reading Wild Women, Wild Voices, we follow the quiet hum of our authentic selves all the way to full orchestration. This is a book to buy, tuck under your arm, and head out toward life with, expressing your true self along the way.”
– Tina Welling, Author of Writing Wild

“Judy Reeves’s books are as wildly wonderful as they come — a must-have for every writer and teacher. Hers are the first I reach for when I write. With the addition of Wild Women, Wild Voices, she invites writers at every level to banish shame and cast off their posing gowns. Write on, friends — you’ve got the best of guides in Judy Reeves.”    – Gwendolen Gross, Author of When She Was Gone

“Judy Reeves has put together a rich, wonderful brew of ideas, quotes, and exercises to unleash the wild writer within you.”
– Barbara Abercrombie, Author of A Year of Writing Dangerously and Kicking In the Wall

“In Wild Women, Wild Voices, Judy Reeves exhorts us to remember the joys and sorrows of our girlhoods; challenges us to examine our relationships with our bodies, our homes, our families, our friends; and invites us to rediscover our inner wildness. Bringing together diverse voices from years of her Wild Women writing workshops, Reeves leads us into a journey toward accessing our most authentic selves, remembering rites of passage, lost dreams and forgotten selves. With writing prompts, as well as excerpts from beloved writers, this is a book for every woman — whether she writes formally or not — who longs to find her way back to her untamed, creative roots.”
– Midge Raymond, Author of Forgetting English and Everyday Writing

“Judy Reeves’s help in writing as a path to authenticity is beautifully focused, movingly wise, and truly from women’s deepest experiences. You feel her there with you on every page of her book, sharing her knowledge and personal journey in the service of guiding you gently to acknowledge your Wild Woman self and free your voice.”
– Sheila Bender, WritingItReal.com