Sunriver Writers’ Summit

Settle For Exceptional
May 26-27, 2018
Sunriver, Oregon
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Presented by the Southern California Writers’ Conference, the Sunriver Summit is a two-day intensive consisting of three exclusive tracks, strictly limited in attendance.
I’ll be presenting Into the Deep: Mining Substance and Shaping Narrative, a workshop in 8 individual modules over the two-day conference. (more info)

Sometimes a writer skates on the surface of a story, or tiptoes around its edges, hesitant to dig into its depths. Or maybe she doesn’t recognize the markings of a vein, rich with possibilities. Another writer may know exactly where he’s going, but he’s in such hurry to get there he doesn’t take the time to slow down and look around. His story may move from plot point to plot point, but the piece doesn’t hold any surprises, for him or for the reader.

When we go into the deep, we are spelunkers exploring with pick-ax and headlamp, mining for treasure held inside every story. Going into the deep means getting beneath the surface of a character and a story (and a reader), texturing and layering through the use of rich description, employing narrative strategies, creating scenes and mini-scenes for dramatic effective and much more. This eight-session track is for writers of all stripes—fiction and nonfiction, crafters of novels and memoir, creators of stories and personal narratives. Each session will include exercises that invite participants to use their work-in-progress or to go free-form with ideas for character or story. There’ll be opportunities to read your work aloud and ample time for questions. Handouts will expand on the work we do together.

lodge-fireplaceAbout Sunriver: Nestled next to the Deschutes River on 3,300 acres of pristine high desert, lush meadows and beautiful pine forests, Sunriver, Oregon, is a premier Northwest destination with the Cascade Mountains to the west and the Newberry Volcanic National Monument to the east. Sunriver boasts an exciting array of world class amenities. Find out more about the Sunriver Resort Lodge here.

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