Place as Character

Wednesday, Nov. 4
6:30-9:30  pm
The Ink Spot/SDWI
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Place can have a role in fiction and nonfiction as memorable as any of the characters who populate the story. Think of Faulkner’s Yoknapatawpha, Dillard’s Tinker Creek, Steinbeck’s California. Every human event happens somewhere, and the reader wants to know what that somewhere is like. Place grounds the story, sets the scene, and creates the background where story plays out. Place influences how characters speak, eat, and make love; it shapes their beliefs, values, and moral choices. History and memory are rooted in place and the map of our psyche is found in the geography of our past. This workshop will explore the role of place in writing. We’ll look at how it influences the voice and perspective of the writer (all skill levels welcome), and discuss ways for the writer to render real or fictional place through description, detail, and imagery.

Join me at The Ink Spot for this San Diego Writers, Ink workshop.

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