Daily Appointment Calendar for Writers

The Lively Muse
Daily Appointment Calendar for Writers
Featuring a Writing Prompt for Every Day

DAC cover copyThis unique, perpetual calendar was created especially for writers to help them keep their commitment to a daily writing practice.

It’s widely recognized that when we write the time of an appointment in our calendar, we’re more likely to keep that date. The Daily Appointment Calendar for Writers provides a space each day for writers to note the time they’ve set aside for their work and offers an evocative prompt to start the pen moving or the fingers flying. The result: more writing gets done and more writers feel good about honoring their commitment to their writing.

In addition to a prompt for each day, the Daily Appointment Calendar for Writers includes:

* Quotes to inspire and inform
* Tips and ideas to improve your writing
* Literary facts and features
* Notes on special literary celebrations
* Lists and checklists
* Q & A with The Lively Muse
* A place for notes & much more

The Daily Appointment Calendar for Writers is a 156-page perpetual calendar (that means you can start any time, any place), featuring an elegant design and layout by Steve Montgomery that’s certain to delight and charm readers and writers alike.

Order your Daily Appointment Calendar for Writers now, only $14.95.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


The Lively Muse suggests giving a Daily Appointment Calendar to all the writers on your holiday list.

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