List of Books and Kits

DAC cover copyDaily Appointment Calendar for Writers

This unique, perpetual calendar was created especially for writers to help them keep their commitment to a daily writing practice.

It’s widely recognized that when we write the time of an appointment in our calendar, we’re more likely to keep that date. The Daily Appointment Calendar for Writers provides a space each day for writers to note the time they’ve set aside for their work and offers an evocative prompt to start the pen moving or the fingers flying. The result: more writing gets done and more writers feel good about honoring their commitment to their writing.

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A Writer's Book of Days, revised edition A purveyor of writing prompts that urge even the most reluctant writer to put pen to page, Judy’s now newly revised and released first book, A Writer’s Book of Days, offers a collection of topics from over twenty years of writing practice sessions.

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Writing Alone, Writing TogetherHer experience as a teacher and leader of writing groups and a passionate belief in the benefits of writing in community led to her second book, Writing Alone, Writing Together.

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A Creative Writer's KitA Creative Writer’s Kit, Based on A Writer’s Book of Days, this sumptuous and sophisticated kit contains a 144-page book and a 25-card deck.

The Prompts & Practices guidebook offers 365 evocative writing topics with ample writing space.

The handy deck of over-sized cards provides a myriad of ingenious suggestions to keep the creative juices flowing.  A great gift for a writer you know. Maybe even yourself.  ………Buy the Book Now at: Amazon

The Writer's Retreat KitThe Writer’s Retreat Kit, is for creative explorers who don’t have the time or resources to withdraw to a Waldenesque cabin in the woods. The book covers retreat practices, setting your intention, creating a safe and nurturing place, and even ways to peacefully reenter your day job.

Artfully designed to provide accessible sanctuaries for maximizing creativity, this fun and functional kit contains a 176-page guidebook and 25 cards.  The interactive deck includes easy reference tools and enticing prompts for each theme in the book.  Buy the Book Now at: New World LibraryBarnes & NobleIndieBoundAmazon