Judy ReevesWelcome to my online home. I’m a writer, teacher, and writing practice provocateur. I blog as The Lively Muse.

I’m a writer so information about my books resides here too, as well as other writing, maybe even the occasional link to a poem or two.

I love to teach and lead workshops, so you can find info about my teaching schedule and other writerly events, such as retreats, groups, readings, and presentations. Future plans include podcasts, online workshops, and downloadable DIY workshops.

As for the Provocateur title—that’s what I hope I do when I engage with others who love to write, or want to write, or know they have a writer somewhere within that’s longing to get out. A provocateur is one who stirs the pot and I want to help make some literary soup.

Judy responds to a few questions about Wild Women, Wild Voices.

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