Writing in the Wild

Fall for Writing Conference
Saturday, Sept. 9
10 – 11:45 am
San Diego Writers, Ink
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Let’s go outside. Let’s prowl around Liberty Station with our notebooks and pens, our curiosity and our imagination. It may not be exactly “wild” like the backcountry or the jungle or the rainforest, but we’re writers, we’ll discover the wild whether we choose to write about a pair of seagulls squawking on a tiled rooftop or a pair of lovers nuzzling on a bench. We’ll play around with description—both place and character; maybe we’ll take our shoes off and sit on the grass and write the way green feels on our bare feet. We may eavesdrop on dialogue and improvise a scene. Who knows what can happen once we turn our writer-selves loose for a couple of hours of free-form writing under the blue San Diego sky.

We’ll meet at The Ink Spot Saturday morning at 10 am and set out for the “wild.” Bring your field notes journal.

This workshop is just one of many you can choose from at SDWriters, Ink Fall for Writing Conference. Get more information here: Fall for Writing Conference