Writing Practice Online

Wednesdays, Nov. 7; Dec. 5; Jan. 9; Feb. 6; Mar. 6; April 3
11 am PST/2 pm EST
International Association for Journal Writers

A month of Wednesday “live-chat” sessions are a time to come together with other writers for a fun and friendly hour of writing practice where we forget all the rules except “keep the hand moving.”

Writers from across the US and around the world call-in or Skype-in to help whomp up some of that good muse mojo.

As a way of creating our virtual writing group, we each light a candle then listen as the Guidelines for Writing Practice are read aloud. Working with the day’s prompt in a timed, focused free-write, we set pen to page (or fingers to keyboard) and write whatever comes—fiction, nonfiction, poetry, memoir story starts, character sketches—anything at all. When time is up, writers have a chance to read their work aloud, though this isn’t required, and there’s no feedback on the writing.

Writers of all genres and all levels of experience are invited to be a part of our group. So grab your notebook and pen and join me and our online writing community at the International Association for Journal Writers for an hour of writing the writing practice way.