Wild Women, Wild Voices 2106 Anthology

WWWV 16 Cover

Cover Art: Laura Hansen

Wild Women, Wild Voices is a collection of writings from women who participated in the 2016 Wild Women, Wild Voices Writing Workshop in San Diego. We came together each Wednesday evening for twelve weeks at Inspirations Gallery in Liberty Station, where we shared our memories, our histories, our inspiration, our chocolate, and our howls.

This collection represents just a few of the stories that came from our time together. The ten writers listed below contributed their work to this chapbook.*

We’re pleased to offer copies of the chapbook for just $5.00 plus postage.

WW 16

(from left) Lynn Dasteel Klarman, Alissa Walters, Laura Hansen, Michele Galper, Amy Andrews*, Kathleen Johnson, Madaline Pike, Nicole Vollrath, Cathy S Harris, Sandra Millers Younger.

*Though Amy Andrews’ work does not appear in this collection, her stories remain a lively part of our community. During our reading on July 8, Amy performed “Anthem,” written by Leonard Cohen and musically interpreted by the band, The Western Collective. Here’s a link to a video, taken by Brian Thedell, of Amy’s performance.