Creating Atmosphere and Mood

Saturday, Dec. 16, 2017
2 – 5 pm
The Ink Spot/San Diego Writers, Ink
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stock-footage-full-moon-and-pines-at-nightHere’s where the writer gets to work magic through language. Want to create an atmosphere that evokes an emotion in the reader? Do it through description, through setting, through the use of the senses, and the diction of your story. The right choice of words and you move a reader from feeling safe and secure to biting her nails; change the structure of your sentences and take the reader from relaxed to excited. In this workshop, we’ll explore techniques that create atmosphere, generate mood and evoke emotion, with lots of in-workshop exercises you can apply to your own writing. For all writers—fiction and nonfiction.

In this series of “Voice Lessons” workshops, we’ll explore the many and varied aspects of creative writing from the writer’s voice (what is it, how do you find it, and what do you do with it once you’ve discovered it?) to elements of style (sentences and other structures, telling details, show and tell), to questions of craft (plot vs. character, description vs. action, narrative strategies) and other literary nooks and crannies. Each workshop will include examples from noted writers, in-class exercises, lively dialogue exchanges and an opportunity to work with other writers in a supportive, friendly community.

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