Tell Me a Story—Using Fiction Techniques to Craft a Compelling Memoir

Saturday, Sept. 16
2:30-5:30 pm
San Diego Writers, Ink
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Sunday, Sept. 24
Southern California Writers Conference
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When we say, “tell me a story,” what we really mean is transport me to another place and time where something interesting—maybe even captivating—is happening. We want something exciting or moving to occur, and we want to experience it right along with the characters. We want to get to know the characters, see what they look like and hear their voices. We want to learn about them through their actions and behavior. We want to be grounded in a place, at a particular time. It isn’t just in novels and short stories, we want all this—readers these days expect these story-telling qualities in our memoirs as well. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the various techniques good fiction writers use to shape their story and reveal their characters and learn how to apply them in our memoirs.

This workshop is just one of dozens of workshops, panels, read and critique sessions and speakers scheduled for this weekend conference in Irvine, CA. Find out more here: Southern California Writers’ Conference