When plans get changed

If you know me at all, you know how I love to get away for a writing retreat. Alone or with someone else; far away or close to home; couple of days or couple of weeks. Longer. I’ve traveled the world with my notebook in my suitcase; and taken my camp chair, a bottle of water, and an apple down the block to Balboa Park. I’ve retreated at spas, resorts, and cheap motels; on ships, trains, and in RVs; in tents, borrowed apartments, and others’ houses in home exchanges. I’ve packed up notebook and intention and gone to tropical islands, a cabin in the woods, and rented flats in riotous cities. I’ve gone to fishing camps, on a rafting trip, and more than a few jazz festivals where the music was my Muse. I’ve retreated in my living room, my bedroom, and my own back yard.

Judy Reeves - LowResNext month I’ll travel to a retreat center near Asheville, NC for Journal Conference 2016, May 19-22. The conference is a four-day celebration of All Things Journal, starting with pre-conference events Thursday, May 19, when I’ll be leading a workshop, and continuing through Sunday, May 22, with a bounty of speakers, workshops and Writing with the All-Stars evening writing groups. Maybe you’d like to join me. Find out more about the Conference and register here. Check out the cool flip book that lists all the workshop, talks, and panels.

After a visit with friends in Florida, I’ll be back home for the summer. Then, I had it all planned out. For my 2016 writing retreat this fall I’d go to Ajijic, Mexico, a little town on Lake Chapala. I’d been invited to stay in the home of a woman I know from previous writing retreats there. But, her plans changed and consequently, so have mine.

Now I’m not sure where I’ll go.

Just yesterday morning I spent about an hour and consumed two cups of coffee paging through the March/April Retreats Issue of Poets & Writers magazine, dog-earing a few listings and imagining others.

Thoughts: What if find another place to stay in Mexico? What about Paris, again? What about a small RV, a little dog, and the open road? Has Amtrak closed their writer’s retreat applications? One thing I know for sure: I’ll go somewhere. And I’ll write.

What’s your best writing retreat, taken or planned or dreamed of? Send the story in paragraph or two to me at judy@judyreeveswriter.com, and you’ll be included in a drawing to win a copy of my book, The Writer’s Retreat Kit.

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Capturing Wild Women in a Retablo

I went to Mexico a few days before my December writing retreat to learn to create retablos with Judy Dykstra-Brown. I’d met Judy at our writing retreat the year before and was enchanted by her art—walls of her beach house hung with a small portion of her retablo collection. Judy creates visual stories in these small niches whose ancestry is in the Mexican “laminas,” small oil paintings on tin, wood, or copper which are used in home altars. Before I left for Mexico, Judy suggested I think what story I wanted to tell with my retablo and to bring items that I could include in the niche.

2015 was a year of the Wild Women. My book, Wild Women, Wild Voices was released in April, and much of the year centered around the book, completing the final steps before publication, the actual release, and in many months following, promoting it, celebrating it, and celebrating wild women in general. My “story” would be Wild Women and my retablo would be in honor of the book and what the idea of Wild Women means to me.

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Wild Women, Wild Voices Mexican-style

La Manzanilla, Mexico, where you’ll find a beautiful beach, a mangrove that features 200 resident American crocodiles and dozens of species of gorgeous birds, warm Pacific waters with a gentle surf, jaw-dropping sunsets, friendly people (Mexican and otherwise), a vendor’s market on Friday, many good restaurants with freshly caught fish, and for a few intense and exciting days last week, a gathering of ten women who’d come for a writing retreat.
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