A Poem a Day

National Poetry Month starts today and many writers are joining NaPoWriMo and writing a poem a day. While I do write poetry on occasion, (more like sometimes I am graced by a poem), I won’t attempt to write a new poem every day. Instead, my commitment is to read a new poem every day for the month of April. Each day a different poet.

I think I’ll just close my eyes and let the Muse choose a book from my bookshelves each morning. I’ll post the titles of both the book and the poem and maybe a line or two on my Facebook page.


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Oh Joy! It’s National Poetry Month

npm2013_poster_540Let us start every day with a poem. Let us eat poetry for breakfast, brush our teeth with poetry. Let us say a poem out loud to anyone who’ll listen. Let us make a sandwich of poems and invite the world to lunch, take a book of poems to bed and dream metaphors. We’ll put poems in our pockets (Poem in Your Pocket Day, April 18) and empty them on the street corners of commerce for the common good.

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