Student Comments

Here’s what some of Judy Reeves’s students and workshop participants say:

  • Not just the brilliance of her own words, set down en route to the jugular, but that her love for the words of others gives them access to their own. — David Cohen
  • “Above and beyond!” Judy did it again, as usual. – Amy Wallen
  • Quality of teaching and students surpassed expectation. This was art – not just basics.
  • Judy is an excellent instructor and she invariable creates an atmosphere that is conducive to learning, and to laughter. The two seem to go well together. – Sarah Saulter
  • Judy creates a wonderful environment in the classes and shares her experiences and knowledge freely. She creates a safe place to write and let go a little. – Donna Marganella
  • I found myself wanting to open up more and be expressive. She puts herself out there and so we, her students, feel free to do the same. My thanks. – Michelle Alred
  • Judy is always prepared to impart everything to us – her students – I’d surely take this class again and recommend it.
  • She’s great. I’ve always been enamoured with “Judy as Instructor.” She leads us – doesn’t push when we can’t go further, just reminds us that there is more we need to do, to learn, to work on, to write.
  • Judy is the greatest. Everybody should run a workshop like she does. Thanks.
  • Judy is an inspiration to me. Her love for her work intrigued me. I was impressed with the individual attention she gave all of us even though our class was large. – Suzanne Hamilton