New Year’s Resolutions: Bah Humbug!

Who keeps them anyhow? I can’t even find my list from last year, but I’m sure it included: “Finish novel, exercise daily, go to bed earlier, get up earlier, make budget, stick to budget,” and on an on, ad infinitum. The same general notes as 2012 and countless years previous.

Truth is, I’m not very good at New Year’s Resolutions and I bet you’re not either. In fact, I read somewhere that by mid-February 70% of us have broken 80% of our New Year’s Resolutions. We make ‘em, we break ‘em and then we feel bad about ourselves.

Instead of resolutions, I’m sending out my intentions for 2014 to whatever benevolent presence might be listening.

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Dear Santa

Santa_reading_his_mailI know you’re busy with bzillions of other letters, so I’ll just get right to it:

Please bring me a six-pack of stamina, a super-size box of imagination, and a package or two of really good verbs.

I could also use some ideas on how to solve that tricky flashback problem in Chapter 7, and maybe a fresh metaphor for the river imagery.

Do you have any kind of a cliche-blocker? Something that’s battery operated. Or wireless. Is there an app for this now?

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