Writing Retreat Season

I’m preparing to go on a month-long writing retreat to a familiar place in Idyllwild, a small community in the San Jacinto Mountains not quite three hours from my home in San Diego.

Idyllwild cabinI’ve been to this cabin many times. Most often I go with my good friend Dian. We’ve been writing and retreating together for more than twenty years. But this time, I go alone. Or rather, just me and my Wild Women. While on retreat, I’ll be working on my next book, Wild Women, Wild Voices, which will be out next February and I’m on a sooner-than-later deadline.

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My Writing Process — A Blog Tour

My writing pal, Betsy Morro invited me to participate in this Blog Tour that’s making the rounds these days and I’m honored that she did. Betsy’s writing an exciting book right now, Casualties, and I’m lucky enough to get to read parts of it most weeks. You can find out more about Betsy’s process at her site: elizabethmorroblog.com.

The Blog Tour wants participants to respond to four questions about their writing process. So here goes.

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A Moveable Feast, of sorts

Home isn’t always the best place for me to get serious writing time in. I’ve heard this from other writers, too—the audible sighing of the refrigerator wherein goodies lie in wait, the laundry that rustles in the hamper, the skittering of dust bunnies under the bed. And these days, when the deadline for my new book (Wild Women, Wild Voices) looms over me like the leggy philodendron on my bookshelf and I need to get some serious work done, I’ve been loading up my laptop and hitting the road. In the past two weeks my writing and I have encamped in so many different locations, it’s beginning to feel like a moveable feast, except it’s more like a feast that’s in early preparation stages, all potatoes to peel and lettuce to wash.

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