Language, Style & the Writer’s Voice

Sunday, November 19, 2017
9:30 am – 12:30 pm
The Ink Spot/San Diego Writers, Ink
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Every story, every novel, every poem that is written is delivered to the reader in the medium of voice, and every writer, no matter what level of experience or gift of talent has his or her true, authentic voice. In this workshop, we’ll use examples from noted writers to study voice and style, then explore our own writing to identify where we’ve hit upon a groove of authenticity. We’ll do in-class exercises to discover how to use language—word by word, image by image—to strengthen our work, and how to make the familiar unfamiliar through writing in our own style, with our authentic voice. And in the doing, we’ll come to appreciate each writer’s unique voice and to celebrate and make a joyful noise with our own.

This is one in a series of Voice Lessons workshops in which we explore the many and varied aspects of creative writing. Each workshop will include examples from noted writers, in-class exercises, lively dialogue exchanges and an opportunity to work with other writers in a supportive, friendly community.