Interviews with Judy

Judy joins Sheila Bender for In Conversation with Sheila Bender: Discussions on Writing and the Writing Life for KPTZ radio in Port Townsend, WA.

Sheila Bender

Interview with Judy Reeves – In Conversation with Sheila Bender

San Diego City Beat – A Writer’s Writer

“Judy Reeves wants to put San Diego on the literary map.”
by Aaryn Belfer

Judy Reeves on Taking Pen in Hand—How to be a Writer Who Writes

An interview with Jeff Ferannini of “Planetary Spirit”
as broadcast on ETIN (Emerson Talk & Info. Network).

Judy Reeves is interviewed by host Kathleen Adams on the “Journaling for a Better Life” radio show.

Kathleen Adams Judy Reeves

Interview with Judy Reeves – Writing in Community

Judy discusses her philosophies on daily writing practice for writers in an interview with Halie Rosenberg of the Writing Pad.

In an interview with Halie Rosenberg of the Writing Pad, Judy talks about her own writing process and her path as a writer, revealing how she got a publisher to publish her first book. She shares her own writing rituals and her biggest personal struggle as a writer.