Finish What You Started, Round II

Saturday, Nov. 16
10 am – 5 pm
The Ink Spot/Liberty Station
More Info & Registration

We had such a good time at our last all-day “Finish What You Started,” and got so much good work done, we decided to do it again!

Writers of all stripes are invited to bring your unfinished, your half-done, your false starts, your messy drafts and spend the day writing toward finishing something. Or more than one thing. And all you Nanowrimo writers: bring your computers and your word counts and spend the day with us. We’ll write, we’ll have an opportunity to talk to other writers about our projects, set our goals for the day. We’ll take time for a mini-feedback session so you can get comments on something you’re uncertain about and generally, get support for your work in the warm and friendly environment of The Ink Spot.

Bring your notebooks or your laptops and we’ll work alone/together to take those messy beginnings to the next stage, which might even be something that’s ready for submission. And Nano-ers, you’ll be that much closer to your 50,000 words.

More Info & Registration

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