Everyday Writing with Midge Raymond

Saturday, January 12
1-3 pm
The Lively Muse Studio
2900 Adams Ave

We’re pleased to host award-winning author and highly praised teacher Midge Raymond to the Lively Muse Studio for an afternoon workshop you’re sure to love.

everyday_writing_250Busy writers often struggle to fit writing into their regularly scheduled lives. In this workshop, you’ll learn invaluable tips for how to fit various aspects of your writing into every day—from how to hone your powers of observation to how to keep your projects moving forward even when you’re short on time. In addition to addressing and working on overcoming your biggest obstacles, we’ll do a sampling of writing prompts that will teach you how to think like a writer—so you can become an everyday writer even if you’re not able to sit down to write every day.

midge_175Midge Raymond’s short story collection, Forgetting English (Eastern Washington University Press), received the Spokane Prize for Short Fiction. Her award-winning stories have appeared in numerous literary journals and magazines, from American Literary Review to the Los Angeles Times magazine, and she writes for such publications as The Writer as well as on her blog, Remembering English (www.midgeraymond.com/blog), which features a new writing prompt every week. Visit Midge online at www.MidgeRaymond.com.

Special for workshop participants: Get a copy of Midge Raymond’s Everyday Writing and Judy Reeves’s Daily Appointment Calendar for Writers, both for $20.00.

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6 thoughts on “Everyday Writing with Midge Raymond

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  2. Judy!
    So great to hear from you! the last time I saw you, you were beautiful and radiant as ever! i will try to get the money together next time. Please keep me posted on upcoming events!

  3. Would ADORE coming to any of your workshops! But… do you ever offer full or partial scholarships??? So sorry to ask!)

    • Hi Catherine, Thanks for asking about this. Currently we don’t have a scholarship program but I’m so glad you wrote. This is something I’d like to integrate into the mix. And please don’t apologize for asking. It’s a good question. I’ll keep you posted about how it will work.

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