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As a writing teacher and workshop leader, Judy Reeves has taught innovative classes that motivate her students to keep their pens moving and to come back for more. Following is a partial list of the scores of classes, workshops and groups she’s created and taught over the past twenty-five years.

If you or your organization or writing group is interested in having Judy present a workshop or speak at a meeting, email Judy at judy[at]judyreeveswriter[dot]com.

Art and Craft of Creative Writing – teaching the craft, discovering the art

Writing WorkshopThe Art of Sustaining – How to finish what you begin and how to begin again; How to develop a practice that keeps the writer writing

Blurring the Boundaries – the Confluence of Fiction, Real Life and Imagination – Mix the facts of real life and the “what if” of fiction with imagination and voila: story

Elements of the Craft – Techniques for Prose Writers

Fictionalizing Real Life – Writers lead double lives. Both as participants and observers, and all of it is grist for our writer’s mill

Flash Fiction – There’s more to the form than word count; the workshop explores what it requires besides brevity

Going to the Source – Each human life is unique and valuable and infinitely rich with the fodder for creating stories

Into the Deep – Exploring what causes a writer to keep her head above water and suggesting techniques for diving in. Life jackets optional

Show, Don’t Tell – a workshop exploring this most fundamental writerly advice

Stories Held By Things – The writer’s work: finding and revealing the stories held within the stuff of our lives

Writing GroupTurning Flax into Gold – Spinning Memories into Stories. Our memories are thick with the stuff that makes good stories, fictional or “true”

Truth is in the Detail – Addressing the use of specificity and how to select and render the telling detail

Wild Women Writing Workshop – Using the passages of women’s lives to tell our stories

Women Who Howl at the Moon – a Full Moon Writing Workshop – Writing with moonstruck women by the light of the full moon (can be done at any full moon in any location)

A Writer is Someone Who Writes – Claiming yourself as writer, for beginning and returning writers

The Writer’s Journal – Writers from Virginia Woolf to Anias Nin to May Sarton have kept journals. This workshop explores techniques for keeping a writer’s journal

Writing Character – How to go deeper into character, writing both inside and outside the story

Judy at WorkWriting from the Senses – The how and why of writing from the senses, with lots of examples and writing exercises

Writing Marathons – all-day, non-stop writing marathons using classic writing practice techniques

Writing Outside the Story – Sometimes writing outside the story is a way to get inside it

Writing the Journey – Explorations into the story within the journey (note: this is not a workshop on travel writing)

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