Reclaiming The Wild Soul

An Interview with Mary Reynolds Thompson, author of Reclaiming the Wild Soul

My introduction to Mary Reynolds Thompson came via Journalverse, a site devoted to journal writers and teachers, conceived and facilitated by my longtime friend and colleague, Kathleen Adams. Mary participated in an online seminar I did with Kay, and later we met in person at a Wild Women, Wild Voices writing workshop at Book Passage in Corte Madera. I love how these circles go around and around. (Thank you, Kay!)

I first used Mary’s book as a morning meditation guide, reading and working through some of the explorations, inspired by her beautiful language and imagery. But this won’t be the only time I read and use this guide. I’m looking forward to attending one of Mary’s Reclaiming the Wild Soul workshops somewhere in the wild, soulful world.

Following is a series of questions and answers Mary and I exchanged.

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An Interview with Fiction Writer Bonnie ZoBell

Every writer needs writer friends who know and understand what it’s like to live the life we’ve chosen, or that has chosen us, and who can share the thrills and chills and ups and downs and magic and mundane right along with us. Bonnie ZoBell is such a friend of mine. I’m crazy about her writing. I hope you are too. And if you don’t know Bonnie or her fiction, let me introduce her via these few interview questions.

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