Build a Sustainable Writing Practice

Fall for Writing Conference
Sunday, Sept. 10, 2017
1-2:45 pm
San Diego Writers, Ink
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Some writer who knew a few things said, “starting writing is easy; it’s keeping writing that’s difficult.”

How often does this happen to you? You get a flash of an idea (and it’s a good one), and you can’t wait to get to your notebook or your laptop to begin writing; you write in a flurry for a while, and then it gets harder. You don’t know where to go with the story next; the characters are in hiding; the idea has fizzled. So you put your notebook away or close your laptop. Days go by, and you don’t write but you swear you’re going to get back to it “as soon as.” Weeks go by and you still haven’t got back to it. Then one day, you decide “this is it!” and you sit down with your notebook or your laptop, but nothing comes and you decide, well, maybe you’re not a writer after all. But still, there is this urge, this desire, this longing to write and write regularly.

I’ve heard this same, sad story from so many writers, or would-be writers, or want-to-be writers. It’s certainly a story from my past. I stopped and started more times than I can name, until…

It’s the “until…” that this workshop will focus on. We’ll look at what gets in the way of having a regular writing practice, no matter what we want to write. Working together, we’ll discover the three simple steps it takes to create a regular writing practice and sustain it day after day after day.

This workshop is just one of many you can choose from at SDWriters, Ink Fall for Writing Conference. Get more information here: Fall for Writing Conference