“Because how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

That quote from Annie Dillard (The Writing Life) always resonates, but this morning especially as I write my morning pages. Between gazing out the window at the men on the roof of a neighbor’s house and watching the squirrel skitter along the fence rail, I list all the things I’d like to do today. Because it’s Thursday, they include:

  • Thursday Writers (my weekly writing practice group. Steve Montgomery and I have been co-facilitating the group at Lestat’s West for more than ten years. It’s one of my favorite things to do and one reason I love Thursdays).
  • Y class (a Tuesday/Thursday workout I do with my sister, Jackie (Jackpots Pottery). We usually text each other to confirm our commitment).
  • Carolina (my housekeeper is coming today which means I have to abandon the apartment to give her the place for her tri-weekly workout. This means taking my computer and some work with me to the other Lestat’s Coffeehouse. Today, I think I’ll take a short story that I want to edit 200 words from. Either that or I’ll take some pages from my writing group to review).
  • Blog up (that’s what I’m doing now and this morning, promised myself—again—Every Thursday Blog Up! Here’s this one.)
  • Vermin on the Mount after Thursday Writers (VOTM is a reading series hosted by one of my favorite writers and people, Jim Ruland. You can count on some good, usually edgy readings at the Vermin events and the sly, good humor Jim always brings to the mic)

A few other items are scattered through the day: writing and answering emails; send a postcard to a friend who’s going through some health challenges; postings on Facebook. (I’ve also committed to posting daily to my Facebook “business” page; this is the one devoted to me as JudyReevesWriter, as opposed to my regular “friends” page where I get to keep up with all of you and your lives. By the way, if you haven’t “liked” my JudyReevesWriter FB page, I would love to get your “click.” And if you let me know, I’ll return the favor.) Oh, and time for meals and reading with meals, which I almost always do if I’m eating at home, alone, which I almost always am.

So, how I hope to spend my day today: some time with friends, some time writing, some time taking care of business, some time loving the body. A little time observing the world (another thing Annie Dillard reminds us to do: Pay attention), some time for supporting other artists and writers, some time with family. All in all, a good day. And I don’t even know what surprises await.

What about you? How do you spend your days?

9 thoughts on ““Because how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

  1. I like trying to spend my day with a “balance” of activity and not allowing thoughts of past mistakes intrude on m y peace of mind in the moment to moment enjoying of the day. I try to do a little: socializing, exercise, cleaning, organizing, etc. I would like to try to include writing in my daily activities. For now, I am going on vacation for the rest of June and will enjoy the natural wonders of the our country’s south-eastern parks, cities, caves, etc.
    Arlene Kosakoff

    • Hi Arlene, thanks so much for posting notes about your day, and for the reminder not to let thoughts of past mistakes intrude on the moment-to-moment enjoying of the current day.
      I hope you can included a little writing in your daily activities. Even fifteen minutes a day can do wonders for filling notebooks and getting stories started.
      Enjoy your vacation. Sounds lovely. I was just in North Carolina, in the Blue Ridge mountains. Beyond gorgeous!

  2. This is a wonderful reminder that now is sooooooooooooo important! “Spending” the days with Annie’s message that now really is how we spend our lives that when i pause… i am able to better know where i am.

    Lately i have been a bit frazzled and disjointed. I am getting ready to “retire” from my 27+ year stint with Poway Unified and this morning i read something in Sue Monk Kidd’s book “When the Heart Waits”. She described these transitional phases of our lives like the sand in an hour glass going through the narrow space into the new… the narrow passage. It’s tight. Getting ready for the next. Retirement papers. Social Security. Medicare. Letting go. and right now… still working…still HERE. Still GOOD.
    so i must get back to it. As Annie also wisely says:
    “SPEND the afternoon… It won’t keep.”

    • Hi Cary, thanks for this post. And thanks for the mention of Sue Monk Kidd’s book. This is one I don’t know, but will look up. By the way, as you enter retirement, I wonder if you’ve heard of Julia Cameron’s newest Artist’s Way book, “It’s Never To Late to Begin Again,” an Artist’s Way book for retirees and other such folk.
      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad Annie Dillard’s quote was timely for you. I should tattoo it on my forehead!

      • Judy, i like the sound of Julia’s new book… i will definitely take a look!

    • As Judy mentions Julia Cameron’s newest book is just what a person needs for the frazzles. I bought it with a gift card and it’s a great guide for creatives who no longer have to live by order and schedule of boss.

      I find myself busier and more organized with the writing and life stuff now than when I worked! When freedom is all around us we have to have parameters or that sand will just run out you know.


      • Linda,
        I have just ordered myself a birthday present, and will begin reading this book soon! Thank you for the encouraging words.

  3. How do I spend my days? Usually bad word-ing. The bad word? Wait. Wait is the bad word. It bads the computer that won’t just turn on instantly. The stupid pen that can’t keep up with my mind. The world that won’t move fast enough.

    Apart from waiting oops I mean bad wording I do my weights first thing in the morning and then Pages which I cheat by jumping up and down every 15 minutes to make more coffee (two decafs per page) or measure the rice cereal into the pot or make sure I’m still in the mirror. Then I say I am doing agent search but then I make myself wait but then it’s time for my racewalk anyway.

    Somewhere around that I do some work on my book’s revised edition and if I have to wait for the bus to get there I spend the trip writing in my notebook, the travel one that works like a soother on a two year old.

    Oh oops gotta get my decaf. It’s waiting for me.

    • Whew! I feel like I need to slow down and take a long breath, Linda. But good to hear you do your weights first thing! Loving the body. Very important, as you know. And loving the page, which you also know. Always fun to see you here. Thanks.

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