The Next Best Thing

I was honored to be tagged by author Midge Raymond for The Next Best Thing project, in which writers answer the following questions about their latest projects, and then tag a few more writers who do the same, and so on. Tag-team writer support, which is just what I need to get deeper into the novel.

Following are the questions Midge answered about her work-in-progress, My Last Continent, with my responses to my own work-in-progress. I’ve tagged Drusilla Campbell, T. Greenwood, Leslie Larson, and Marivi Soliven Blanco who will answer the same questions about their own Next Best Things!

8 thoughts on “The Next Best Thing

  1. This post has inspired me to write my own post about my recently completed children’s picture book, Tommy’s Tee Shirt. I am looking forward to reading about Louise, too.

    • Thanks for commenting, Diana and glad to hear you’re writing a post about your own “Next Best Thing.” Congratulations on completing “Tommy’s Tee Shirt.”

  2. This is wonderful, Judy. I think that a great one-line synopsis, one that should make anyone want to read the book. I’m hoping that the next time I see you, you’ll tell me what upmarket fiction fiction is. Good job! xb

    • Thanks for commenting, Bonnie, and thanks for the thumbs up on the one-liner. From what I understand, upmarket fiction lands somewhere between literary and commercial/main stream. The writing leans toward the literary side, and the story is one that appeals to a more “commercial” reader. I think.

    • Hi Jackie,
      Sure does feel better knowing other writers have the same experience. When so much about the process is weird to nonwriters, it’s good to hear from someone who speaks the same language. Does Jane show up in your dreams, too? Louise has from time to time. Thanks for posting.

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