Dear Lively Muse — Q&A for Writers

“Dear Lively Muse” is a feature in the Daily Appointment Calendar for Writers, a soon-to-be-released perpetual calendar created especially for writers to help them keep their commitment to a daily writing practice. The Daily Appointment Calendar features an evocative prompt for each day as well a place to make note of the time you’ve set aside for your work. The Calendar also features tips and ideas to improve your writing, literary facts and features, notes on special literary events and celebrations and quotes to inspire and inform.

Here’s a sneak peak at the cover, beautifully designed by The Lively Muse’s multi-talented collaborator, Steve Montgomery. Just wait until you see inside!

The Lively Muse’s Daily Appointment Calendar for Writers will be available before you can say “perpetual,” right here. A perfect gift for your writing life and for writers you know. Watch for its release.